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Hashicorp Vault Open Source for Ubuntu 16.04

Vault, developed by HashiCorp, functions as a secrets management solution, facilitating controlled access for both individuals and automated processes to various systems. It allows for secure storage, on-the-fly generation, and, in the context of encryption, consumption of keys as a service without exposing the underlying key materials. The open source iteration of Vault stands as a robust secrets management system suitable for production environments, seamlessly integrable with CI/CD pipelines and diverse applications that necessitate highly secure and dynamic secrets management.

In parallel, a range of preconfigured software applications, covering CMS platforms, Jenkins, databases, LAMP stack, Ansible, and popular tools in the DevOps toolchain, have been made available by another provider. These applications find extensive use among system administrators and DevOps engineers. Moreover, for specific Linux distributions, there are securely configured images based on the CIS benchmark. These AMIs adhere to official installation steps, ensuring a straightforward experience without requiring users to acquaint themselves with any custom procedures, even in the event of additional configurations.

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