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HardenedVault – Hardened SIEM/XDR server with VED

Ubuntu is a meticulously maintained GNU/Linux distribution. This AMI includes a Ubuntu server featuring a SIEM/XDR solution based on Wazuh. The Ubuntu server has undergone comprehensive security hardening by default. The AMI also integrates Wazuh with VED (Vault Exploit Defense), enhancing the alert dimension of SIEM/XDR to the Linux kernel.

Key Features:
– Ubuntu 22.04, x86_64
– Security baselines compliant with CIS and STIG, facilitating seamless integration with compliance requirements
– Wazuh manager and WEB UI
– Vulnerability management
– Audit system with Wazuh
– ClamAV anti-virus
– AIDE for file system integrity management
– Auditd for monitoring
– VED (Vault Exploit Defense), providing Linux kernel runtime protection. It effectively safeguards digital assets against advanced threats, including 0-day Linux kernel exploits, privilege escalation, container escape, rootkits, and more.

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