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Hardened Ubuntu 22.04

This AMI is fortified and regularly maintained to align with security best practices. It adheres to the Level 1 Profile settings of the CIS Benchmark, enhancing security without compromising utility. Regular security patches and updates are diligently supplied to ensure a safe and optimal user experience.

The Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine image is preconfigured and kept up-to-date with built-in security controls, prioritizing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. Businesses utilizing this image can swiftly establish a secure and compliant workspace, minimizing the time and effort typically associated with security setup. The image remains updated to counter emerging security threats and comply with evolving regulations.

A team of specialized experts at hand ensures meticulous engineering and adherence to the highest security standards. Their unwavering support further guarantees that customers’ security requirements are met effectively, emphasizing our dedication to providing a secure and top-tier user experience.

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