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Hardened Ubuntu 22.04 for arm64

This AMI features Ubuntu, a well-maintained and cloud-native friendly GNU/Linux distribution. The Ubuntu server within this product comes with extensive security hardening as the default configuration. It is designed to assist in achieving compliance with standards like PCI-DSS and GDPR by implementing CIS and STIG benchmarks. Here are the key details:

– Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04, arm64
– Security Benchmarks: Adheres to at least 75% of the CIS and STIG benchmarks, facilitating seamless integration with compliance requirements.
– Enhanced Web Security: Includes Nginx with Modsecurity (Web Application Firewall) to bolster web application security.
– Anti-Virus Protection: Incorporates ClamAV for effective anti-virus measures.
– File System Integrity: Utilizes AIDE for robust file system integrity management.
– Monitoring and Audit: Implements Auditd for monitoring purposes, ensuring a vigilant security posture.
– Threat Detection and Prevention: Features VED (Vault Exploit Defense), a Linux kernel threat detection and prevention system. It offers advanced protection against threats such as Linux kernel exploits for privilege escalation and container escape.

This comprehensive setup aims to safeguard your digital assets from a range of advanced threats, making it a valuable choice for security-conscious environments.

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