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Hardened Git Lab Entry Level q

This product entails charges for seller support. GitLab stands as a unified solution covering the entire DevOps lifecycle. It integrates project planning, source code management, CI/CD, and monitoring within a single application, accelerating the software development lifecycle by up to 200%.

This listing accommodates 5 GitLab users. For larger user requirements or to discuss any additional charges, please reach out to Bynet Sales directly for a Private Offer.

Efficiently create and manage code using robust branching tools, ensuring rigorous quality standards for production code through automated testing and reporting. Establish a streamlined software supply chain with integrated universal package management.

Benefit from potent project planning tools and analytics that provide valuable insights into team productivity.

Enhance security and compliance with features like SAST, DAST, container scanning, and dependency scanning, effectively mitigating security risks.

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