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Hardened Amazon Linux 2

This product involves charges for the hardening process and ongoing maintenance. The VM is fortified using a comprehensive set of over 400 security controls and validated through an audit process.

Amazon Linux 2 offers a secure, reliable, and high-performance execution environment suitable for developing and operating cloud-based and enterprise applications. The VM is consistently updated and well-maintained.

Employing an image that adheres to trusted security configuration baselines as outlined in a CIS Benchmark can significantly decrease costs, save time, and mitigate risks for an organization. The VM aligns with a majority of the recommendations in the respective CIS Benchmark, particularly focusing on Level 1 Profile settings. These settings aim to enhance security without unduly limiting the technology’s functionality.

The VM package includes comprehensive documentation and a security report generated through the audit process.

Please note that the default Hardened Amazon Linux 2 AMI is highly recommended. It’s important to highlight that regular security updates and maintenance are provided to all instances using Amazon Linux 2 AMIs.

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