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Hanwei Ansible Control Node on centos 7 Minimal update

This is a reconfigured open-source software product with additional charges for support.

Quickly initiate a VM instance using this Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to launch your cloud server within just 3 minutes.

Ansible, an agentless automation tool, is installed on a control node. It effectively manages machines and other devices remotely (primarily over SSH protocol) from this control node.

Key Ansible Features:
– Configuration Management: Effortlessly handle all servers.
– Simple Management: List all machines (control machines and nodes) in an uncomplicated file.
– Application Deployment: Simplify DevOps by automating the deployment of internally developed applications to your server.
– Orchestration: Streamline task coordination using automated workflows with Ansible.
– Security and Regulation: Automate site security through scripting.
– Plug-ins: Avail the benefits of Ansible’s numerous useful plug-ins.

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