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GUI for Numerical Predictions in the public cloud (Graviton3 & 3e)

Introducing a comprehensive solution with a graphical user interface (GUI) for managing Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and Air Quality Modeling (AQM) simulations in the public cloud. This GUI-based tool, integrated into the Amazon Machine Image (AMI), maximizes computational efficiency by harnessing the potent computational capabilities of Graviton3 and Graviton3E processors. This results in significantly reduced simulation times and an exceptional cost-to-performance ratio.

The AMI encompasses the following key features:

1. GUI for streamlined management of NWP and AQM software, including pre and postprocessing tools.
2. Integration of optimized versions of CMAQ (v5.4 and v5.3.3) and WRF (v4.4.1) tailored for Graviton3(E) processors, seamlessly interfaced with the GUI.
3. Custom interfaces that allow direct interaction with Amazon S3 buckets for efficient file management and data transfer, enhancing the user experience.
4. Geographic Information System (GIS) tools for mapping postprocessing tools, expanding the software’s capabilities beyond the preinstalled applications.
5. Accelerated download of GFS meteorological data through a dedicated interface.
6. Inclusion of all essential components and files to prepare and execute WRF and CMAQ simulations, featuring benchmark cases for CMAQ v5.4 and v5.3.3 (U.S. Northeast 2018 and U.S. Southeast 2016).

Upon launching the instance, users can seamlessly access the system via a web browser, eliminating the necessity of using a Linux shell for direct interaction. However, for advanced users, the option to access the instance through SSH and perform manual tasks remains available.

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