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GitLab Server CE Community Edition on Debian 11 Server

“GitLab Server CE Community Edition on Debian 11 Server

GitLab Community Edition Server (CE) is an encompassing web-based DevOps tool that integrates Git repository management, issue tracking, CI/CD pipelines, code review, an integrated development environment (IDE), activity streams, wikis, and more.

The GitLab technology stack includes Go, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, NGINX, and Redis. This comprehensive application facilitates the automation of the entire DevOps lifecycle, from initial planning to creation, build, verification, security testing, deployment, and monitoring.

GitLab is highly scalable and can be distributed across multiple servers. Additionally, it offers wiki functionality, issue tracking, and robust CI/CD pipeline features. As a versatile tool, it stands as a notable alternative to popular platforms like Jenkins, AWS DevOps, GitHub, CircleCI, Bitbucket, Jira, JFrog, and CloudBees.

Notable Features of GitLab CE Server:

– Streamlined repository management, including forking, conflict resolution for merges, quick commit-reverts, and support for project groups.
– Agile software project management facilitated through an issue board for efficient organization and visualization.
– Full-featured CI/CD capabilities, encompassing versioned build scripts, build pipelines, and deployment to multiple environments.
– Integrated Mattermost-based messaging for seamless team communication.
– GitLab Web Editor, enabling editing of merge requests, files, and directories directly from the web interface.
– Secure authentication options, including LDAP and Active Directory, two-factor authentication, and CAS integration.
– Deep integration with popular tools such as JIRA.”

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