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GitLab Community Edition on Ubuntu Server 22.04

“This software package is a tailored solution with associated charges for Round-the-Clock support, ensuring a dedicated 24-Hour response time.

Presenting GitLab Community Edition on Ubuntu Server 20.04, preloaded with essential system components such as AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3, and Cloud-Init. For comprehensive guidance, please consult the detailed user guide provided in the Additional Resources section. All included offerings receive updates upon initial boot to incorporate the latest packages and crucial security updates.

GitLab, a web-based Git repository, extends its offerings to encompass both open and private repositories, robust issue tracking capabilities, and wikis. Operating as a comprehensive DevOps platform, it equips professionals to seamlessly manage a spectrum of project tasks, spanning project planning, source code management, monitoring, and security. Additionally, it fosters team collaboration, empowering the development of superior software. GitLab facilitates the reduction of product lifecycles and augmentation of productivity, delivering significant value to customers. The application streamlines access management, requiring permissions to be set only once for universal component accessibility within the organization.

The applications within GitLab enable complete DevOps automation, covering strategic planning, design, creation, building, verification, testing, deployment, and monitoring, with a focus on scalability, reputation, availability, and replication. GitLab’s widespread adoption is attributed to its extensive features and availability of fundamental code building blocks. Centralized code collaboration encourages efficient implementation and code reuse, featuring numerous CI/CD pipelines, a robust container registry, seamless Kubernetes integration, and optimal data portability. With an emphasis on data integration and monitoring, GitLab amplifies sustainability and operational efficiency.”

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