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GitLab CE for Debian Linux 10

“GitLab serves as a comprehensive DevOps platform, enabling effective management throughout the entire application development life cycle, spanning from initial development to building and deployment. A standout feature among its extensive offerings is the seamless integration of the Git source code management (SCM) system, emphasizing efficient version control.

GitLab presents two primary versions: the community edition, an open-source and freely accessible version, and the licensed enterprise edition, which extends with additional features and capabilities. The AMI available here specifically showcases the community edition.

A certain entity has meticulously curated software applications, covering a diverse range of widely utilized tools including WordPress, Jenkins, various databases, LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps tools, and monitoring applications. These applications are particularly esteemed by both system administrators and DevOps engineers. Moreover, tailored, hardened images based on CIS benchmarks are offered for specific Linux distributions. Importantly, these AMIs are meticulously crafted following official installation steps, eliminating the need for users to navigate any customized procedures for additional configurations.”

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