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GitLab CE Community Edition On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic

This software has been repackaged, and additional charges are applicable for hardening, bundling, and support.

GitLab CE Community Edition is an open-source collaboration platform for code management, facilitating efficient code handling for developers. Its comprehensive feature set includes version control, issue tracking, continuous integration, deployment, and code review. GitLab CE Community Edition is compatible with Alma Linux and AWS, providing accessibility to developers globally.

Teams utilizing GitLab CE Community Edition can collaborate on code in real-time, enhancing issue identification and resolution speed. The platform boasts strong security measures to ensure code protection consistently. GitLab CE Community Edition proves to be a powerful tool for development teams aiming to streamline workflows and enhance code management practices.

Among its notable features is the robust version control system, enabling developers to track changes in their code, simplifying issue identification and resolution. Additionally, the platform offers efficient issue tracking tools for bug and feature request management.

GitLab CE Community Edition also integrates continuous integration and deployment tools, automating code testing and deployment for faster and more error-free deliveries.

Another significant feature is its code review capabilities, allowing real-time collaboration for swift issue identification and resolution, coupled with robust security measures to maintain code protection.

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