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Full Bitcoin Node – Fully Synced + Released Weekly + Graviton Enabled

Launch a fully synced Bitcoin node on AWS effortlessly using this production-ready image. It guarantees private and direct access to the Bitcoin network, promoting network security and availability.

Meticulously constructed for highly available production settings, this image is the result of thorough automation and comprehensive testing. It is a command-line interface (CLI)-only, minimalist image that aligns with Bitcoin Core’s best practices. All binaries are sourced from, ensuring cryptographic verifiability. The bitcoind service is set to run automatically at boot as a native Ubuntu service, ensuring seamless operation.

Key features of the Full Bitcoin Node image:

Weekly releases with a completely synchronized bitcoin blockchain.
bitcoind operates in full node mode with enabled indexes.
Optimization for ARM-based Graviton instances.
Operating on Ubuntu 22.04 and bitcoin core 25.0.
Built, tested, and released with a thorough automation and testing process.

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