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Fortinet FortiADC-VM Application Delivery Controller (PAYG, 10Gbps)

FortiADC Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) present an advanced solution tailored for AWS, optimizing application availability, web performance, and application security through Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities. The FortiADC family encompasses both physical and virtual appliances, ensuring swift, secure, and intelligent acceleration and distribution of resource-intensive applications within the enterprise. Whether in physical or virtual form, FortiADC delivers efficient acceleration, maintaining high performance in demanding application environments. The virtual machines offer the same extensive features as their hardware counterparts while granting the flexibility to adjust system resources based on usage demands, aiding in cost control within dynamic application environments.

FortiADC for AWS offers a seamless deployment experience, providing an easily manageable application delivery controller that can be swiftly provisioned without the need for additional hardware or disruptions to data center operations. For comprehensive details on FortiADC and to access the latest datasheet, please refer to the provided links.

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