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Flatcar Container Linux (Beta) (ARM)

Flatcar Container Linux stands as a self-refreshing operating system designed with containers in mind, making it an excellent choice for efficiently running Kubernetes and various container platforms. It caters to individuals deploying containerized applications, particularly those focused on secure and scalable deployments.

Compared to traditional Linux operating systems, Flatcar Container Linux offers compelling advantages including enhanced security, streamlined simplicity, and automated updates.

NIST, in its application container security guide, strongly advocates for the deployment of container-optimized operating systems like Flatcar: “Whenever feasible, organizations are encouraged to utilize these minimalist OSs to minimize attack surfaces and mitigate common risks and the need for extensive hardening associated with general-purpose OSs.”

Flatcar Container Linux is both free and open source, featuring a discussion forum to facilitate interaction and support within the community of users.

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