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Firebird SQL RDBMS on Windows Server 2016

Firebird, an open-source SQL relational database management system, provides a wide array of ANSI SQL standard features and is compatible with Windows. It boasts impressive concurrency, high performance, and robust language support for stored procedures and triggers.

The open-source Firebird relational database management system showcases outstanding performance and scalability, accommodating a range of scenarios from embedded, single-user models to large-scale enterprise deployments. These deployments often involve multiple databases exceeding 2Tb, serving hundreds of simultaneous clients.

Key Features of Firebird:
– Multi-generation architecture
– SQL language with strong capabilities and developer-friendly attributes
– Comprehensive logging and monitoring
– DBeaver GUI for streamlined DB Administration
– Robust security with IAM (Identity and Access Management)
– Developer tools like Firebird.NET, JayBird (Java), Delphi/C++, PHP, FireRuby, etc.
– Backup and Restore functionalities
– Full-text search capability
– Asynchronous cancellation of connections
– TraceAPI for understanding server activities
– iSQL Command Line for versatile operations
– Monitoring tables for performance tracking
– Connection and Transaction Triggers
– Temporary Tables
– Database Encryption using plugins
– Encryption and compression for data transfer

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