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F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition – BETTER (PAYG, 10Gbps)

This offer includes a comprehensive 30-day trial with full features and access to premium F5 support.

BIG-IP VE PAYG instances offer three license bundles: GOOD, BETTER, and BEST (GBB), each detailed here.

The BETTER bundle features:

BIG-IP LTM: Enhance app availability and user experience through intelligent L4-L7 load balancing, SSL/TLS offloading, visibility, and programmable traffic manipulation with F5 iRules.

BIG-IP DNS: Guide globally distributed users to the nearest or top-performing app servers with global server load balancing and high-performance DNS services.

BIG-IP AFM: Counteract resource and network crippling attacks with multi-layered DDoS protection and network security.

Integration of BIG-IP VE with F5 Container Ingress Services (which are free and open-source) extends advanced application services to container environments, including Kubernetes.

Additionally, F5 has streamlined the deployment and configuration of BIG-IP VE, making it quicker and simpler through integration with common automation and CI/CD tools like:

F5 Automation Toolchain
CloudFormation Templates
Quick Start Guide

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