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EuroLinux 7.8

EuroLinux is a server operating system crafted from the direct source code of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, ensuring a seamless 1:1 compatibility. It is tailored for critical environments, spanning physical, virtual, and cloud setups. EuroLinux offers a comprehensive platform for managing extensive server workloads with a strong focus on stability and security. The system is enriched with essential add-on modules such as High Availability, Resilient Storage, Smart Management, Load Balancer, and Scalable File System. Embraced by sectors like finance, telecommunications, governments, and individuals, EuroLinux is a trusted choice. When deployed on Amazon EC2, EuroLinux assures a swift, reliable, and robust platform for a wide array of demanding applications. Leveraging EuroLinux on Amazon EC2 leads to substantial cost savings and taps into EC2’s scalability and flexibility.

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