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EnterpriseOne 9.2.6 bundled All In One AMI

This is a software package that has been reconfigured, and additional charges are applicable for consolidating the software, MTR, necessary libraries, and relevant patches into an operational AMI.

It focuses on Oracle, a prominent ERP product in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions have empowered businesses to achieve enhanced efficiency and speed in their operations. Procuring servers or maintaining a specialized team of programmers and database administrators is no longer a prerequisite for provisioning a fully functional system.

This product emphasizes adherence to fundamental DevOps principles, dynamically provisioning EnterpriseOne in the cloud. This approach provides businesses the flexibility to scale a model that suits their organization. The AMI, known as “All In One AMI,” offers immediate access to the latest Oracle EnterpriseOne functionality. It encompasses the Windows operating system, WebLogic, a fully functional HTML server, AIS server, Oracle Database, Enterprise Server, and Deployment Server.

The AMI package for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is made available to users, ensuring rapid initiation of operations. The offering features an hourly pricing model, avoiding long-term contracts and the need for hardware installations. Users can promptly access their Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne AMI and initiate operations without delay.

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