Equip your employees with latest technologies hands-on

Give your learners a wholesome learning experience by enabling hands-on practice of the tools and technologies learned
Employees with latest technologies

Ready-to-learn labs for upskilling and reskilling

Pre-configured labs or option to set up in minutes, ready-to-learn labs are aligned with courses and learning paths so that the learners can practice the technologies or skills instantaneously. Integrate labs with your LMS or content for creating holistic and hands-on learning experiences for your employees
readt to learn labs for upskilling and reskilling
Make learning immersive and engaging

Make learning immersive and engaging

In organizational context, course completion is not just watching videos or answering questions to an assessment. The ultimate goal is learning retention. Create rich learning programs with hands-on practice which not only boosts engagement but also contributes to maximum comprehension through virtual labs

Create virtual sandbox environment

Cut down time and resources needed to set up sandbox environment significantly and start working on real-life projects on virtual sandbox environment created within a few clicks. Whether it is product training or product development, working or experimentation, choose from custom-made catalogues that fit your specific requirements
create virtual sandbox environment
Hiring onboarding and deployment made easy

Hiring, onboarding, and deployment made easy

Hire only the best candidates, onboard and deploy them easy by removing ambiguities in the process. For interview assessments or online training, leverage tech labs to ensure the employee has necessary skills required for the job role. Integrate with assessment engine or your learning platform or both for a seamless end-to-end talent management and development process.

Designed for learning comprehension

upskill reskill crossskill

Upskill, reskill, cross-skill on technologies end-to-end

Preconfigured environment

Access hundreds of pre-configured environments

plug and play tech labs for every need

Plug and play tech labs for every need

Enhance learning outcomes

Integrate with Learning or Hiring solutions

Tech skills of 21 century

Monitor usage and learning progress

Accelerate your career

Give flexibility to your learners for experimenting and learning

Customize MakeMyLabs for your organization

Save Cost and Resources

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