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EMQX Enterprise on Ubuntu 20.04

EMQX Enterprise is the leading cloud-native IoT messaging platform with an all-in-one distributed MQTT broker and SQL-based IoT rule engine, powering high-performance, reliable data movement, processing, and integration for business-critical IoT solutions.

#100% MQTT Compliant

100% compliant with MQTT v5.0 and v3.x standards.
Fully supports QoS 0, 1 & 2 of MQTT message delivery.
Works with all MQTT clients and libraries like Eclipse Paho.

#Data Security & Privacy
Ensure data security with MQTT over TLS/SSL.
Authenticate with LDAP, JWT, PSK, X.509 certificates, and more.
Rich data management APIs to help keep your data protection policy in line with EU GDPR.

Adopt cloud-native architecture based on Kubernetes.
One-click deployment for on-premises or fully managed service.”

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