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ELK Stack on CentOS Streams 8

This is a repackaged software wherein additional charges apply for Round-the-Clock support with a guaranteed 24-Hour response time.

presents this ELK Stack on CentOS Streams 8 image preinstalled with system components such as AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3 & Cloud-Init. A comprehensive user guide can be found in the Additional Resources section of this listing. All offerings are updated on first boot to ensure the latest packages and security updates are applied.

ELK Stack is a popular open-source tool for data analysis and visualization. It consists of three main components: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

Elasticsearch is a distributed, NoSQL database that is used to store and search large amounts of data. Logstash is a server-side data processing pipeline that can ingest, parse, and transform data from a variety of sources. Kibana is a web-based visualization tool that allows users to create interactive visualizations, dashboards, and charts from the data stored in Elasticsearch.

The ELK Stack is popular because of its ability to handle a large volume of data and its versatility. The stack is designed to be scalable and can be easily expanded to handle growing data needs. Its flexible data pipeline and powerful indexing capabilities make it a versatile solution for data management and analysis. Additionally, the visualizations and dashboards created in Kibana make it easy for users to quickly understand and communicate insights from their data.

Preinstalled Components;

Java (JDK)”

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