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ECS-Optimized Debian 10

ECS is a fully managed container orchestration service from AWS that makes it easy for you to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications. Containers are defined using task definitions and run as services across a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. ECS can automatically scale up your applications to meet a spike in demand or scale down when demand is less, all leading to cost-effective operations in the cloud.

Underneath this robust container orchestration solution from AWS is Docker, an industry-standard container runtime engine, as well as the ECS-Agent that is responsible for scheduling services across your clusters.

This listing bundles this robust orchestration solution together with Debian, the internet’s favorite Linux Operating System into a single deploy Optimized AMI.

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Latest Docker engine already installed.
Latest ECS-Agent already installed.
Security-patched Debian 10.
ECS-Optimized operating system.
Built-in Security and Stability for Development and Production environments.

Key Product Features
Full Root SSH Access
Docker Engine
Debian 10

Products Highlights
Includes the latest Docker Container runtime engine.
Includes the latest ECS-Agent software installed and ready to connect to your ECS cluster.
Includes the latest Security-patched Debian 10.”

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