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EBES-Secure-CentOS 8.5 (Minimal) for Graviton

The statement you provided appears to describe a software product that is based on CentOS 8.5 and is optimized for Graviton and ARM CPUs. Here’s a breakdown of what it means:

Repackaged Open Source Software: This means that the core of the product is based on open-source software, specifically CentOS 8.5. CentOS is a Linux distribution that was widely used for its compatibility with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ecosystem. However, CentOS 8 reached its end of life in December 2021, so this repackaged version may have been created to extend its usability.

Additional Charges Apply: While the core software is open-source and free to use, there are additional charges associated with this particular version. This suggests that some extra features, optimizations, or support services have been added to the CentOS 8.5 base, and users will need to pay for these extras.

For Graviton and ARM CPU: This version of CentOS is specifically tailored to work well on Graviton and ARM CPUs. Graviton refers to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) custom ARM-based processor, so this CentOS version may be optimized for AWS infrastructure.

Charges Associated with Instance Usage: This indicates that in addition to the upfront charges for the software itself, there may also be usage charges based on the number of instances or servers you run with this CentOS version. This is a common pricing model for cloud-based services.

Paid Product Support: In addition to the software and instance usage charges, users have the option to purchase paid product support. This means that if you encounter issues or need assistance with this CentOS version, you can pay for support services to get help from the provider.

In summary, this is a customized version of CentOS 8.5 designed for Graviton and ARM CPUs. It’s not entirely open-source, as there are extra charges for the software, instance usage, and optional support services. Users may choose to pay for these extras to get the benefits and support that come with this specific CentOS version.

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