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EBES-Secure-CentOS 8.2 with added packages LAMP Stack,Apache,MariaDb,PhP

It seems like you’re describing a repackaged version of a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl) stack, which is commonly used for hosting dynamic websites and web applications. In this repackaged version, Apache and PHP have been upgraded to enhance security, and additional charges apply for this enhanced version.

Here’s a breakdown of what each component in the LAMP stack typically does:

Linux: The “L” in LAMP stands for Linux, which is the operating system that serves as the foundation for the stack. Linux is known for its stability and security and is a popular choice for web servers.

Apache: The “A” in LAMP stands for Apache, which is a widely used web server software. It handles incoming web requests, serves web pages, and manages communication between the server and clients (usually web browsers).

MySQL: In many LAMP setups, “M” stands for MySQL, which is a popular open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). It is used to store and manage data for web applications.

PHP/Python/Perl: The “P” in LAMP can stand for different scripting languages, depending on your preference or project requirements. PHP is a common choice and is used to write server-side scripts for generating dynamic web content. Python and Perl are also options for server-side scripting.

In your case, it seems that the repackaged LAMP stack includes upgraded versions of Apache and PHP to enhance security. This could involve patching known vulnerabilities, implementing security best practices, or adding additional security features. The fact that additional charges apply suggests that there’s a cost associated with these security enhancements beyond the standard open-source software.

Enhancing the security of a LAMP stack is important to protect websites and web applications from potential threats and vulnerabilities, making it a valuable offering for businesses and organizations that prioritize security.

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