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Drupal for Ubuntu 16.04

Drupal is a free and open-source content-management system (CMS) that is flexible and multilingual. It can be customized to run simple websites through complex web applications. With thousands of free modules and themes, Drupal-based websites will help you attract the audience you need to deliver your message, grow brand awareness, and build your community.

This AMI is built using the latest versions of Apache, MariaDB database, and PHP on the target Linux operating system (LAMP stack) that is patched with updates. The MariaDB database is secured to prevent any unwanted access for increased security. When a machine is spun up using this AMI, Drupal would be up and running and ready for configuring for your specific requirements.

There are also preconfigured software applications available, such as CMS platforms, Jenkins, databases, LAMP stack, Ansible, popular tools in the DevOps toolchain, and monitoring applications that are widely used by system administrators and DevOps engineers. For selected Linux distributions, hardened images based on CIS benchmarks are also available. These AMIs are built following official installation steps, so you do not need to learn any custom procedures if additional configurations need to be done.”

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