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Provides granular security controls, server-side scripting, and live API documentation. Runs anywhere in the cloud provider of your choice or on-premises. Key Features:
Automatically Generate REST APIs
Generates a comprehensive REST API for SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, and push notifications. You can securely call any web services, including custom-built REST APIs and SOAP services. Generates and publishes your new REST API in seconds and with live API docs.

De-risk and Secure Data Connections
User management system provides runtime security on all API calls and server-side scripts. Easily manage user access with RBAC, OAuth, LDAP, and Active Directory integration for authentication and authorization using our built-in admin portal. Also handles secure password hashing, authentication, and session handling with secure API keys and JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Server-Side Scripting
Any non-trivial application requires server-side logic. Provides server-side scripting with the V8 Javascript Engine, Node.js, PHP, and Python. Makes it easy to write server-side scripts and attach your scripts to any API request and response event. Also provides the flexibility to use server-side scripts to implement your own custom API endpoints.”

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