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Docker Compose Server on Windows Server 2016

What’s Included
Note: Always ensure your operating system is current for your needs.

This product includes both of the software packages described below:

Docker Compose Server on Windows Server 2016
By: Cloud Infrastructure Services
Docker Compose Server on Windows Server 2016

Docker Compose is used for running multiple containers as a single service. Each of the containers here run in isolation but can interact with each other when required. Docker Compose can build, run & create all the containers using a single YAML file, using a single command.

Benefits of Docker Compose:
Single host deployment – This means you can run everything on a single VM
Quick and easy configuration – Due to YAML scripts
High productivity – Docker Compose reduces the time it takes to perform tasks
Security – All the containers are isolated from each other, reducing the threat landscape

Docker Compose Features:
Multiple isolated environments on a single Docker host
Preserve volume data when containers are created
Only recreate containers that have changed
Variables and moving a composition between environments
Docker Engine
You can run Compose apps on a Swarm cluster
Automated Testing Environments

Disclaimer: Docker is a registered trademark of Docker Inc and is licensed under Apache License v2. No warrantee of any kind, express or implied, is included with this software. Use at your risk, responsibility for damages (if any) to anyone resulting from the use of this software rest entirely with the user. The author is not responsible for any damage that its use could cause.

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