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Docker CE on CentOS Streams 8

This is a repackaged software wherein additional charges apply for Round-the-Clock support with a guaranteed 24-Hour response time.

Presents this Docker CE on CentOS Streams 8 image preinstalled with system components such as AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3 & Cloud-Init. A comprehensive user guide can be found in the Additional Resources section of this listing. All offerings are updated on first boot to ensure the latest packages and security updates are applied.

Docker on Linux is a platform for developers and system administrators to easily create, deploy, and run applications in containers. It is one of the most widely used tools for containerization and virtualization of applications.

One of the main reasons for using Docker on Linux over its competition is its simplicity and ease of use. Docker provides a command-line interface for managing containers, which is intuitive and requires minimal configuration. The platform also provides an extensive library of pre-built images that can be used to quickly set up a development or production environment.

Docker also allows for increased efficiency and cost savings compared to traditional virtualization methods. Containers are lightweight and take up significantly fewer resources than traditional virtual machines, making it easier to run multiple containers on a single host. This allows organizations to optimize their use of hardware and save on infrastructure costs.

Another reason why Docker on Linux is so popular is its strong community and ecosystem. With a large number of developers and users, there is a wealth of knowledge and resources available to help users achieve their goals. The platform also integrates with other tools and technologies, such as Kubernetes, making it easy to manage and scale containerized applications.”

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