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Docker-Ansible-Puppet-Maven-Terraform on Ubuntu18.04

This is a repackaged open-source software product with additional charges for technical support and maintenance.

This is a pack of 5 DevOps Oriented Tools: Docker, Ansible, Puppet, and Apache Maven on Ubuntu 18.04.
Docker is an open-source platform for developers and system administrators to build, run, and share applications with containers. Containerization (the use of containers to deploy applications) is becoming popular because containers are flexible, lightweight, portable, loosely coupled, scalable, and more secure.

Ansible is a suite of software tools that enables infrastructure as code. It is open-source, and the suite includes software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment functionality.

Puppet is a tool that helps you manage and automate the configuration of servers. It is an open-source software configuration management tool developed using Ruby, which helps in managing complex infrastructure on the fly.

Apache Maven is a software application management and build automation platform based on the conception of a project object model (POM). It is especially used for deploying Java-based projects but can also be used for applications written in Ruby and other programming languages.”

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