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Deep Learning Reference Stack

The Deep Learning Reference Stack is an integrated, highly-performant open-source stack optimized for Xeon Scalable platforms. This open-source community release is part of an effort to ensure AI developers have easy access to all features and functionality of Xeon Scalable platforms.

Highly-tuned and built for cloud-native environments, the release enables developers to quickly prototype by reducing complexity associated with integrating multiple software components, while still giving users the flexibility to customize their solutions.

The stack includes highly tuned software components across the operating system (Clear Linux OS), deep learning framework (TensorFlow and others), deep learning libraries (Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (MKL-DNN)), and other software components.

If you are unable to select from the listed versions of the Deep Learning Reference Stack, navigate to AWS Marketplace (link in Additional Resources) and subscribe to our solution there.”

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