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Debranded Odoo 10.0 with all OCAs and IT-Projects modules

It looks like you’ve provided information about an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that offers a debranded version of Odoo, a popular all-in-one management software, with the Brand Kit installed for theme customization. Additionally, it mentions that community modules are available for installation in the Apps section, and there are some specific improvements applied to this AMI:

File Storage in PostgreSQL Large Objects: Instead of storing files separately, this AMI stores files in PostgreSQL large objects. Large objects in PostgreSQL are a way to handle binary data, like images or documents, within the database. This can make it easier to manage and backup files associated with your Odoo instance.

Session Storage in PostgreSQL: Sessions, which are data related to user interactions and login sessions, are stored in PostgreSQL. This is often done for better scalability, security, and data consistency. Storing sessions in the database allows for more advanced session management and analytics.

Overall, these improvements appear to enhance the performance, scalability, and customization capabilities of Odoo when using this specific AMI. Users interested in these features may find this AMI beneficial for their Odoo deployment.

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