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Consul on CIS Hardened Debian 9

Consul serves as a service networking solution, automating network configurations, service discovery, and facilitating secure connectivity across various cloud platforms and runtimes.

This image comes preconfigured to align with the recommendations set forth by the CIS Benchmark. CIS Benchmarks are universally accepted security configuration guides that are vendor-neutral and endorsed by government agencies, businesses, industries, and academia. They provide a standardized framework for achieving compliance with various cybersecurity standards.

The CIS Benchmark forming the foundation for this image is intended to benefit system and application administrators, security experts, auditors, help desk personnel, and platform deployment teams involved in planning, deploying, assessing, or securing Linux-based solutions.

Using an AMI optimized according to these CIS Benchmark guidelines can lead to significant time and cost savings while reducing the associated risks in your organization’s AWS solution.

We are your trusted consultant partner, dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses establish and maintain security in the cloud. We specialize in cloud virtual machines, offering secure virtual machine solutions tailored to your requirements.”

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