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Computational weather/air quality forecasts on Graviton2&3 with WRF/CMAQ

Numerical Weather Prediction on AWS Graviton2 with WRF offers a comprehensive solution for launching and managing WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) and CMAQ (Community Multi-scale Air Quality) on AWS Graviton2 instances. WRF is a widely-used mesoscale model that provides forecasts for a broad range of atmospheric conditions and resolutions, serving operational and research needs worldwide. CMAQ is a cutting-edge air quality modeling tool capable of predicting the concentrations of air pollutants such as ozone and particulate matter.

This Amazon Machine Image (AMI) integrates WRF with various data processing tools and includes features for monitoring cluster performance and cost on AWS. It offers dual functionality, suitable for use on single instances or clusters launched with AWS ParallelCluster. Additionally, the AMI is compatible with spot prices, potentially leading to significant cost savings.

Key features of this package include:

Implementation of WRF v4.5 optimized for AWS Graviton2 and Graviton3 instances and clusters, striking an optimal balance between cost-effectiveness and performance.
Pre-compiled executables for ARW (Advanced Research WRF) with standard nesting, prescribed set of moves nesting, and vortex-following nesting, as well as NMM (Non-hydrostatic Mesoscale Model) and WRF-Chem.
Implementation of CMAQ v5.4 optimized for AWS Graviton2 and Graviton3 instances and clusters.
Outstanding scalability for clusters thanks to Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) support.
Availability of NICE-DCV connection for high-performance remote display.”
This package equips users with the tools and resources needed for advanced numerical weather prediction and air quality modeling on AWS Graviton2 instances and clusters.

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