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Collibra Data Quality & Observability

Managing contemporary data stacks can be quite intricate, which can pose challenges in maintaining data quality. Our Data Quality & Observability solution is designed to vigilantly oversee the quality and reliability of data pipelines, facilitating the swift resolution of anomalies. It proactively identifies and brings to light data issues in real time, ensuring that dependable data is readily accessible to your data consumers, empowering them to make informed business decisions.

Our Data Quality & Observability solution employs machine learning to create adaptable checks and rules that actively detect data quality issues across a broad spectrum of data sources. This predictive, continuous, and user-friendly approach to data quality allows rule creators to concentrate on high-impact tasks, such as addressing the root causes of data errors. Meanwhile, business users can readily access top-quality data for their analytics and AI modeling endeavors.

Through the use of autonomous rule management, our solution centralizes and automates data quality workflows, ensuring compliance with global regulations. It provides enhanced quality control throughout end-to-end data pipelines and streamlines data and analytics processes throughout your organization.

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