An IIHT Company

Tidal Media Inc is pleased to offer you the Zabbix Network Monitoring System for Linux CentOS 7. This software is widely used across various countries and industries, and we trust it will prove to be a valuable addition to your company’s toolkit.

Zabbix is a versatile monitoring software designed to oversee a range of IT components, including networks, servers, virtual machines, and cloud services. It provides essential monitoring metrics, including network utilization, CPU load, and disk space consumption.

Managing large-scale environments can be a challenging task without automation. This is where Zabbix shines by offering multiple automation features such as auto-registration of active agents, low-level discovery, and network discovery. Devices and their components, such as file systems and network interfaces, can be automatically added or removed as they join or leave your organization. This allows you to establish a distributed monitoring solution while maintaining centralized control.