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The WURFL Microservice – Basic AMI provides highly precise device intelligence to businesses that embrace a microservice architecture. It enables the seamless integration of WURFL Device Detection capabilities (see Resources) into various applications. Notably, WURFL stands out as the industry’s most accurate solution, boasting a 99.9% accuracy rate and regularly updated device libraries. With an extensive library encompassing over 59,000 devices, WURFL ensures comprehensive coverage.

WURFL excels in delivering rapid, multi-threaded performance that effectively scales on multi-core EC2 processor servers. Notably, WURFL Device Detection is trusted and adopted by renowned Internet giants, including Google, Facebook, and AWS. To align with your specific business requirements, you can choose from our various AMI editions.

The Basic Edition caters to users across supported languages and is primarily designed for mobile UX professionals. By incorporating real-time device detection into your website, it guarantees that your content, navigation, and overall user experience (UX) are finely tuned to match the device’s capabilities. This optimization results in faster loading times and enhanced usability across a wide array of devices and browsers.