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Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) empowers administrators to deploy the latest Microsoft product updates to computers and servers across their network, whether in an AWS environment or on-premises.

The WSUS server offers a range of features accessible through a management console for efficiently managing and distributing updates. Moreover, a WSUS server can serve as the update source for other WSUS servers within the same organization, acting as an upstream server. In a WSUS setup, it is essential to have at least one WSUS server capable of connecting to Microsoft Update to retrieve information about available updates.

Key WSUS Features:
1. **Manage Microsoft Product Updates:** WSUS enables the management of Microsoft product updates for AWS VMs, other cloud platforms, on-premises servers, and computers.
2. **Categorize Updates:** You can categorize updates based on factors such as the product or product family (e.g., Windows Server 2016 or Microsoft Office) and update category (e.g., Critical Updates and Drivers).
3. **Synchronization Scheduling:** Specify a synchronization schedule to initiate updates automatically.
4. **Approval Enforcement:** WSUS allows enforcing deadlines for the installation or removal (uninstallation) of update approvals.
5. **Automatic Approval Rules:** Create automatic approval actions for specific types of updates.
6. **Targeted Deployments:** Administrators can target updates to specific computers and groups of computers.
7. **Scalability:** WSUS servers can be scaled out to accommodate any number of clients.
8. **Database:** WSUS uses the Windows Internal database (WID) by default, with the option to upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server if necessary.
9. **Advanced Reporting:** Gain access to advanced reporting on the status of updates, compliance, computer health, synchronization status, and more.

In essence, WSUS simplifies the management and distribution of Microsoft updates, providing comprehensive control and reporting capabilities for enhanced network security and efficiency.