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This offering is a customized software product. It’s essentially a Windows Server 2022 image with Traditional Chinese language settings as the default option. Here’s a breakdown of the details:

Software Product: It offers a tailored version of Windows Server 2022.

Support and Maintenance Charges: Users may be subject to extra fees for technical support and maintenance services from ProComputers.

Windows 2022 Server Image: This is a plug-and-play image of Windows Server 2022 configured with Traditional Chinese characters as the primary language.

Foundation for Development: It serves as a foundational system on which users can build and test various applications or appliances.

Contents: The image includes the core installation of Windows 2022 Datacenter Base and a selection of software packages optimized for use within Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s designed to facilitate the setup of an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server for user access.

User Access: Only the Administrator account is authorized for login, and the initial password is randomly generated during the first boot. You can find instructions on how to retrieve the password and establish a Remote Desktop connection in the provided link.

Enhanced Networking: The image benefits from Enhanced Networking through Elastic Network Adapter (ENA), a feature that enhances network performance when deployed on AWS.

Based on Official Image: This customized image is built upon the official Windows_Server-2022-Chinese_Traditional-Full-Base image and is configured with a single 30 GiB instance volume.

This product is ideal for users who require a Windows Server 2022 environment with built-in support for Traditional Chinese and improved network performance on AWS. Access and configuration can be achieved through the Administrator account, and users have the option to avail technical support and maintenance services for an additional cost.