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This is a reconfigured software package that enhances Windows Server 2022, with additional fees for technical support and maintenance services.

It’s essentially a simplified and ready-to-use Windows 2022 Server image preconfigured with the Korean language as the default setting. Its primary purpose is to serve as a foundational system upon which other applications can be developed and tested. This package includes the Windows 2022 Datacenter Base installation and a selection of software packages suitable for running within AWS, allowing you to establish an RDP Server for remote access.

To access this system, only the Administrator account is permitted, and the password is randomly generated during the initial boot. You can find instructions on retrieving the password and connecting to your Windows 2022 instance via Remote Desktop.

Notably, this Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Base AMI is configured with Enhanced Networking using ENA (Elastic Network Adapter), optimizing network performance.

This package is built upon the official Windows_Server-2022-Korean-Full-Base image and is provisioned with a single 30 GiB instance volume.