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Included in this package are the following software components:

Windows 2019 Server (Portugal): This software bundle features Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with support for the Portuguese (Portugal) language. It is tailored for swift and dependable application deployment using the Microsoft Web Platform.

Supported Images: Provided by Supported Images, this product offers extended support services with a guaranteed 24-hour response time. Additional charges may apply for this support service.

Microsoft Windows 2019 Server with Portuguese (Portugal) language: At its core, this package includes Windows Server 2019 Datacenter with built-in support services. You can configure your server and roles to align precisely with your organization’s requirements using this Windows 2019 Server.

Golden AMI Base Image: The reference to a “Golden AMI Base image” suggests the presence of a Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that serves as a foundational template for deploying virtual machines, typically on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or a similar cloud platform. This image is designed to be a standardized, optimized starting point for rapidly creating and deploying virtual server instances.

In essence, this product offers a Windows Server 2019 operating system with Portuguese language support, along with the option for extended support services. It is ideally suited for organizations seeking to expedite the deployment of Windows-based servers, potentially in a cloud environment, and tailor them to their specific operational needs.