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Certainly, here’s a reworded version of the information about WildFly:

WildFly, previously known as JBoss AS and now developed by Red Hat, is an open-source application server. This robust server offers a flexible, modular, and lightweight architecture, allowing developers to tailor their application environments. It adheres to the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Jakarta EE) specification, making it a preferred choice for Java enterprise application development.

One of its key advantages is its platform independence, ensuring it can operate on various operating systems and hardware platforms. Red Hat’s active involvement in WildFly guarantees continuous development, security updates, and a strong support network.

It’s important to note that the version you mentioned seems to be a repackaged offering of WildFly, which may come with additional fees for deployment and support, including Amazon Machine Image (AMI) support and compliance. Such commercial adaptations of open-source software are common and can provide extra benefits for organizations with specific requirements or a need for additional support and features.