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This is a modified version of an open-source software product that comes with extra fees for the installation and setup of WildFly. It is a versatile and lightweight application runtime environment that empowers developers to create exceptional applications.

Key Advantages of WildFly:

Remarkable Speed: It is known for its outstanding speed, making it ideal for applications that demand rapid performance.

Exceptional Lightweight: It has been designed to be incredibly lightweight, resulting in minimal resource consumption and efficient use of system resources.

Robust Administration: It offers powerful administration and management capabilities, simplifying server configuration and monitoring for administrators.

Adherence to Latest Standards and Technology: It stays up-to-date with the latest Java EE and Jakarta EE standards and technologies, ensuring compatibility with contemporary Java-based applications.

Modular Java: It is built with modularity in mind, enabling customization and fine-tuning to suit the specific requirements of your applications.

Facilitating Testing: Its architecture and tools are conducive to easy testing, a vital aspect of developing reliable and bug-free applications.

Rooted in Open Source Excellence: It is built upon the foundation of open-source technologies, benefiting from the collaborative efforts of the open-source community.

The mention of “additional charges” for WildFly installation and provisioning indicates that the modified version may include supplementary services, such as installation support, customer assistance, or extended functionalities beyond what the core open-source version offers. This aligns with common practices in the open-source software industry where organizations provide value-added services for users of the open-source software.