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This is a repackaged open-source software product with added fees for WildFly installation and provisioning. It is a versatile, lightweight, and managed application runtime that empowers you to create exceptional applications.

Key Features:

Unmatched Speed: It is engineered for top-tier performance, ensuring your applications run swiftly and efficiently.

Exceptional Lightweight Design: Its minimal footprint makes WildFly an ideal choice, enabling resource-efficient deployment, even in constrained environments.

Robust Administration Capabilities: It boasts powerful administration and management features, allowing seamless configuration, monitoring, and control of your applications and server instances.

Stay Current with the Latest Standards and Technology: It is committed to supporting the most up-to-date Java EE standards and technologies, ensuring your applications can leverage cutting-edge features.

Modular Java: Its modular architecture lets you tailor your runtime environment by adding or removing components to suit your specific needs, keeping your environment streamlined.

Facilitates Testing: It simplifies testing and development by integrating seamlessly with development and testing tools, making application building and testing more straightforward.

Built on Top Open Source Technologies: It is constructed upon various open-source components and technologies, harnessing the collective efforts of the open-source community.

Please note that the reference to additional charges for WildFly installation and provisioning may pertain to specific services or support packages offered by a provider, extending beyond the core open-source software. Users should review the terms and pricing details of such offerings if they are interested in them.