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This is a modified version of an open-source software product, with extra fees associated with WildFly installation and setup. It is a versatile and lightweight application runtime designed to facilitate the development of impressive applications.

Here are some key attributes of WildFly:

Unmatched Speed: It boasts exceptional performance, ensuring fast response times for applications.

Remarkable Lightweightness: It is engineered to be resource-efficient, minimizing memory usage and resource overhead.

Robust Administration: It provides powerful administration and management tools, simplifying server configuration and monitoring.

Support for the Latest Standards and Technologies: It keeps pace with the latest Java EE and Jakarta EE specifications, ensuring compatibility with modern Java technologies.

Modular Java: It follows a modular architecture, enabling you to select and activate only the components and services necessary for your application, which can reduce the server’s resource footprint.

Facilitates Testing: It supports various testing frameworks and tools, making it conducive to efficient application testing during development and deployment.

Built on Open Source Excellence: It leverages the collective expertise and innovations of the open-source community, incorporating best practices and technologies from diverse open-source projects to deliver a comprehensive Java EE/Jakarta EE runtime environment.

In your context, the repackaged version may encompass additional services like WildFly installation and configuration, which could incur supplementary charges. These services aim to simplify the setup process or provide specialized assistance to users.

To fully understand the specifics and terms associated with this repackaged product, it’s important to carefully review the provided details to discern the nature of the extra services and how they differ from the standard WildFly distribution.