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This is a modified version of an open-source software product, where extra fees are incurred for the installation and setup of WildFly. It is a versatile, lightweight, and managed application runtime environment that facilitates the development of exceptional applications.

Notable Features:

Remarkable Speed: It is renowned for its impressive performance, delivering applications with exceptional speed and low latency.

Exceptional Lightweight: It boasts an impressively small memory footprint and efficient resource utilization, making it well-suited for various deployment scenarios, including cloud environments.

Robust Administration Tools: It provides powerful administrative tools and a user-friendly management console, simplifying server configuration, monitoring, and application management.

Support for the Latest Standards and Technologies: This application runtime adheres to the latest Java EE standards, ensuring that your applications can leverage modern Java technologies and standards.

Modular Java: It’s modular architecture allows you to deploy only the necessary components and services for your applications, reducing unnecessary overhead.

Ease of Testing: It facilitates easy testing and debugging of applications, a crucial aspect for ensuring the reliability and stability of your software.

Built on Open Source Foundations: It is built on top of various open-source technologies, harnessing the strengths of these components to provide a comprehensive application server platform.

It’s important to be aware that while the core WildFly software is open source and free to use, the additional charges mentioned likely pertain to the specific modified version or service package being offered. These charges could be associated with value-added services, support, or customizations provided by the vendor. To understand the scope of the additional fees, it’s advisable to review the terms and pricing associated with this particular product.