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This appears to be a modified version of an open-source software product, where extra fees are applied for the installation and setup of WildFly. It is a versatile and lightweight application runtime designed to empower the creation of impressive applications.

Noteworthy features of WildFly include:

Remarkable Speed: It is engineered for high-speed performance, making it an excellent choice for applications that demand swift responsiveness.

Exceptional Lightweight Nature: It boasts a small memory footprint and efficient resource utilization, making it a lean option for hosting Java applications.

Robust Administration Capabilities: It provides powerful tools for managing and controlling application servers, simplifying the task of system administrators.

Adherence to the Latest Standards and Technologies: It stays up-to-date with the most recent Java EE (Enterprise Edition) and Jakarta EE standards, ensuring compatibility with modern Java applications.

Modular Java Architecture: By adopting a modular structure, WildFly permits the deployment of only the necessary components and services, reducing resource overhead and enhancing efficiency.

Promotion of Testability: Its design encourages thorough testing, a crucial aspect of ensuring application reliability and quality.

Built on the Strength of Open Source: It benefits from the collective wisdom and contributions of the open-source community, integrating best practices and innovations from various open-source projects.

The additional charges for WildFly installation and provisioning likely cover the cost of specialized services to assist customers in setting up and using this software effectively. If you require more specific information or have questions about WildFly or the repackaged version, please feel free to inquire further.