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This offering introduces a repackaged software package known as “WildFly 27 on Ubuntu Server 20.04,”. Here’s an overview of the key aspects of this software package:

Software Overview: This package includes WildFly 27, which is a robust open-source application server renowned for its support of the latest Java EE and Jakarta EE specifications. It offers a wide array of technologies for developing and deploying enterprise-grade applications.

Additional Support Charges: Users should note that supplementary charges apply for round-the-clock support with a guaranteed 24-hour response time. This means that customers have the option to acquire dedicated support for addressing any issues related to this software, but it comes at an additional cost.

Preinstalled System Components: The WildFly 27 image comes preloaded with various system components, such as AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3, and Cloud-Init. These components can be valuable for users planning to deploy the software in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment or seeking integration with AWS services.

User Guide: A comprehensive user guide is available in the Additional Resources section. This guide serves as a valuable resource for users who want to gain insights into the installation, configuration, and utilization of WildFly 27 on Ubuntu Server 20.04.

Updates: It’s worth noting that all cloudimg offerings, including this WildFly 27 image, undergo updates during the initial boot process to ensure that users benefit from the most up-to-date packages and security patches. This practice is crucial for maintaining the software’s security and stability.

Scalability and Performance: WildFly 27 is highlighted for its exceptional scalability and performance characteristics. Notably, it supports advanced features like clustering, load balancing, and high availability, making it a suitable choice for running resource-intensive applications at scale. Furthermore, WildFly 27 is designed to align seamlessly with cloud-native architectures, making it compatible with containerization and Kubernetes.

Flexibility and User-Friendliness: WildFly 27 is celebrated for its adaptability and user-friendliness. Its modular architecture empowers developers to cherry-pick and utilize only the components that align with their specific needs, facilitating customization and optimization of the server for individual application requirements. Additionally, it offers a suite of tools for monitoring, management, and DevOps, streamlining the deployment, management, and scaling of applications across diverse environments.

Preinstalled Components: The image comes equipped with Java 11 (JDK) and WildFly 27 preinstalled, ensuring that users have the essential runtime environment and the WildFly application server readily available for use.

In summary, this software package provides a preconfigured environment featuring WildFly 27 and various system components. This simplifies the process for developers looking to initiate projects involving Java-based enterprise applications. Users have the choice to opt for support services, and there is a comprehensive user guide available for reference.