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Introducing a specialized software package, featuring “WildFly 27 on Ubuntu Server 18.04.” This package offers convenience and additional services, with an option for round-the-clock support subject to extra charges and a guaranteed 24-hour response time.

Key highlights of this software package include:

Preinstalled Components: The package comes bundled with essential system components, including:
AWS CLI: A tool for seamless interaction with Amazon Web Services.
AWS CloudWatch Agent: Used to monitor and collect metrics and logs on AWS.
AWS Systems Manager Agent: Facilitates efficient management of AWS resources and applications.
Python 3: A versatile programming language often used for scripting and automation.
Cloud-Init: An initialization system that streamlines cloud instance configuration during boot.

User Guide: A comprehensive user guide is readily available in the Additional Resources section. This guide serves as a valuable resource for users, helping them navigate and utilize the software effectively.

Automatic Updates: The package ensures that all cloudimg offerings receive updates upon initial boot. This ensures that the latest packages and security updates are applied promptly, enhancing system reliability and security.

WildFly 27: At the core of this offering is WildFly 27, a robust and versatile open-source application server. Notable features and reasons for its popularity among developers include:
Java EE and Jakarta EE Support: WildFly 27 seamlessly supports the latest Java EE and Jakarta EE specifications, making it ideal for building enterprise applications.
Diverse Technologies: It encompasses a wide range of technologies, including EJB, JPA, CDI, JMS, REST, and SOAP, facilitating the development and deployment of various applications.
Scalability and Performance: WildFly 27 excels in scalability and performance, offering advanced capabilities such as clustering, load balancing, and high availability, making it suitable for demanding applications at scale.
Cloud-Native Design: With a design tailored for cloud-native architectures, it allows developers to leverage containerization, Kubernetes, and other cloud technologies for optimized cloud-based applications.
Flexibility: WildFly 27 boasts a modular architecture, allowing developers to selectively use and customize components to meet specific application requirements.
Management Tools: It provides an array of tools for monitoring, management, and DevOps, simplifying the deployment, management, and scaling of applications across diverse environments.

Preinstalled Components: The software package includes Java 11 (JDK) and WildFly 27 itself, ensuring a complete and ready-to-use development and deployment environment.

This offering is tailored to developers and organizations seeking a versatile and customizable application server environment based on WildFly 27, enriched with additional system components and support options. Users can harness the bundled features and support to create and deploy enterprise applications, particularly those optimized for cloud environments.