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Introducing a software package known as “WildFly 27 on RedHat 8” offered by cloudimg. Below are the key details:

Repackaged Software: This package includes WildFly 27, a robust open-source application server, along with supplementary components and services.

Optional Support Charges: Users have the choice to opt for 24/7 support with a guaranteed 24-hour response time, which may involve an additional cost beyond the base package.

Included System Components: The software comes with a set of preinstalled system components, which are as follows:
AWS CLI: The Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface.
AWS CloudWatch Agent: A tool for monitoring AWS resources.
AWS Systems Manager Agent: Used to manage AWS instances.
Python 3: A programming language.
Cloud-Init: A utility for configuring cloud instances during initialization.

User Guide: You’ll find a comprehensive user guide available in the Additional Resources section. This guide is designed to help users fully understand and make the most of the software.

Software Updates: Upon the initial boot, the software will automatically update itself to ensure that it incorporates the latest packages and security enhancements.

WildFly 27: It stands out as an open-source application server that is highly regarded for its feature set and tools geared towards creating and deploying enterprise applications. Some key highlights of WildFly 27 include:
Compliance with Java EE and Jakarta EE specifications.
Support for a variety of technologies such as EJB, JPA, CDI, JMS, REST, and SOAP.
Exceptional scalability and performance improvements, including features like clustering, load balancing, and high availability.
Built to embrace cloud-native architectures, making it conducive for utilization with containerization, Kubernetes, and other cloud technologies.
Noteworthy modular architecture, enabling developers to cherry-pick and employ only the components they require.
Inclusive tools for monitoring, management, and DevOps to facilitate streamlined deployment and scaling.

Preinstalled Components: This software package includes the following preinstalled components:
Java 11 (JDK): A Java Development Kit indispensable for running Java applications.
WildFly 27: The core application server that provides the extensive array of features and tools described above.

In essence, this offering is tailored to provide developers with a ready-made environment for working with WildFly 27 and its associated technologies. Users have the option to opt for additional support, and the package encompasses various tools and components to facilitate application development and management.